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TEDxTeen 2014 LONDON

Remarkable Disruptors

Edited by: Kevin Corcoran

The world is changing faster than ever. Affecting every aspect of our lives. Business models and jobs that we couldn't have imagined ten years ago, are now the norm. Boundaries are blurring, everyone can play a role.

Much of the change is driven by technology. Disrupting conventions to allow us to live in new ways, try new things and make stuff more easily than ever before.

Young people understand this better than anyone, being the first generation to be younger than the internet. Many of these young people are driving the change, proving that if you're good enough you're old enough.

We challenge you to see the world through their lens. To see not just the future they are building, not just the new norms they are creating, but the now that they have already impacted.

Pay attention. Life is moving quicker than ever. With each blink our world shifts.

Make. It. Count.



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The indigO2 at The O2

indigO2 is the hidden gem within The O2. Since its opening in June 2007, this super luxurious, flexible state of the art space has become a highly respected venue within the music industryproviding the perfect venue for any live music, comedy or club night. Not only is it perfect for music but more recently it has become a popular corporate space hosting conferences, corporate dinners and product launches, most recently the launch of Call of Duty: Ghost. Since opening its doors with a stunning performance from Jools Holland, indigO2 has witnessed show-stopping sets from the legendary Prince after-show parties, The Who and Chaka Khan through to Michael McIntyre, Usher and Placebo to name a few.