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TEDxTeen 2016 London


Filmed by Yak Films in Chichen Itza, Mexico with dancer Wisko. Edited by Yak films & Luis Perez.
Animated by Luis Perez for Dreams Multimedia. Music by BlackDoe. Courtesy of Adobe Project 1324

We are the firsts. The first idea, the first innovation, the first collaboration, the first of its kind. You never saw us coming. Until now.

We are navigators. We are creators. Our voices and actions generate movements.

We are not potential, we already discovered your future.

We are not generation x, y, or z. Our impact is not defined by a letter.

We are more than a label. We are this generation. We are simply uncharted, original and we are positively lighting the world on fire.

We are here. We are now. We have been Untapped.


On Saturday, January 16, 2016 We Are Family Foundation brought TEDxTeen back to London for an encore performance at the IndigO2!

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TEDxTeen 2015

Simply Irresistible

The best ideas are often the most simple.

Simple, yet complex.
Simple, yet sophisticated.
Simple, yet big, meaningful...inspirational.

They are simply irresistible ... to adopt, to join, to follow.

We challenge you to find simply irresistible solutions to the complex issues we face everyday.

One simple idea can change everything.


On Saturday, May 16, 2015, the We Are Family Foundation presented TEDxTeen in New York where the conversations focused on teens and their power to simply change the world.

Scholastic’s unique auditorium in New York City provides the intimate setting for important and provoking topics such as empowerment, action, perseverance and possibility.


ImageThink’s Graphic Recording of TEDxTeen New York City…

Click and zoom around to see the highlights from the day!

Created by ImageThink Graphic Recorder, Aaron Mayper.



TEDxTeen 2014 LONDON

Remarkable Disruptors

Edited by: Kevin Corcoran

The world is changing faster than ever. Affecting every aspect of our lives. Business models and jobs that we couldn't have imagined ten years ago, are now the norm. Boundaries are blurring, everyone can play a role.

Much of the change is driven by technology. Disrupting conventions to allow us to live in new ways, try new things and make stuff more easily than ever before.

Young people understand this better than anyone, being the first generation to be younger than the internet. Many of these young people are driving the change, proving that if you're good enough you're old enough.

We challenge you to see the world through their lens. To see not just the future they are building, not just the new norms they are creating, but the now that they have already impacted.

Pay attention. Life is moving quicker than ever. With each blink our world shifts.

Make. It. Count.



Innovation Arts’ Live Scribing of TEDxTeen London...

Click and zoom around to see the highlights from the day!

Created by Innovation Arts Scribers, Abigail Burch & Pete Morey.



The indigO2 at The O2

indigO2 is the hidden gem within The O2. Since its opening in June 2007, this super luxurious, flexible state of the art space has become a highly respected venue within the music industryproviding the perfect venue for any live music, comedy or club night. Not only is it perfect for music but more recently it has become a popular corporate space hosting conferences, corporate dinners and product launches, most recently the launch of Call of Duty: Ghost. Since opening its doors with a stunning performance from Jools Holland, indigO2 has witnessed show-stopping sets from the legendary Prince after-show parties, The Who and Chaka Khan through to Michael McIntyre, Usher and Placebo to name a few.




TEDxTeen 2014 NYC

The Crazy Ones

The earth is round and it revolves around the sun. Crazy, right? It was a few centuries ago...not anymore.

Inventing a cancer detection test out of paper. Creating a radio station out of garbage. Building an arcade out of cardboard. Crazy, right? It was a few years ago...not anymore.

Who are the ‘crazy’ ones? They are the ones who follow their hearts, the ones who dare to believe dreams are real, the ones who make the impossible, possible. They go where no one has gone before – not without fear but despite fear.

What does it take to be crazy: innovation, imagination, isolation? Is it inherent or can it be learned?

This is a revolution of crazy: the teens who don’t just point out problems and talk about ideas, they do something. Just ask 16 year-old Jack Andraka who invented a cancer detection test out of paper, or 14 year-old Kelvin Doe who created a radio station out of garbage, or, 10 year-old Caine Monroy who created an arcade out of cardboard.

It's their time, your time, our time, NOW. Get crazy, be crazy, think crazy and unlock a whole new world of possibilities. Are you crazy? TEDxTeen 2014.


On Saturday, March 1, 2014, the We Are Family Foundation hosted the 5th TEDxTeen conference where we focused the conversation on teens and their power to change the world.

Scholastic’s unique auditorium in New York City provided the intimate setting for important and provoking topics such as empowerment, action, perseverance and possibility.


TEDxTeen 2013

The Audacity of whY

Filmed by John Hudak - Edited by Greg Titian - Filmed at Avatar Studios
Pianist Betsey Giammattei

Human evolution, invention, medicine, technology and relationships would have stood still without disruptors posing that simple, powerful question 'why?'.

There is no-one more curious, no greater disruptor, than a teen on a mission. They prod, poke and dissect their worlds around them until they are confronted with answers - or mysteries - that capture their imaginations. Nothing else will do.

It could be said that Generation Y is more like Generation 'Why?' as they turn over established regimes, age-old thinking, and timeless truths, through social media, the power of crowds and an unswerving belief that they have the right to know 'why?'

Meet the trail-blazers leading a global 'whY' revolution and be prepared to have your perceptions turned upside down.



TEDxTeen 2012

The Wisdom of Not Knowing

Filmed by Kevin Slack - Edited by Greg Titian

In an age of global warming, debt crises, and cyber wars, it might seem that what we don’t know is threatening. Every day, we realize how much we don’t know, from big (95% of the universe is dark energy or dark matter) to small—all those twists and turns we’ve experienced on our own life pathways.

Yet it’s in those dark spots, those roads not taken yet, where we make our discoveries—staring through a telescope or a camera, holding protest signs or a pen to paper. How do we know what’s going to happen?

When we don’t let our “others have failed—I’m too young—the problem’s too big” sort of knowledge become a roadblock to dreams, we can change the world. Call it the magical properties of not knowing…the unstoppable power of ideas.

So, is not knowing such a bad thing? Sometimes, it may be the wisest thing of all.

Adora Svitak, 13-year-old Author, Teacher, Speaker, Activist, TEDxRedmond Curator



TEDxTeen 2011

The Age of How...

Age Old Problems. New Age Thinking. Age-nts of Change!

Artist: Curtis Kulig

Can one idea, one experience, one conversation, one passion, one moment in your life revolutionize how you create change?

We live in an age where technology makes us all virtual neighbors, accessible at the click of a button. We work together across borders, oceans and boundaries of all kinds.

Our coordinates don't matter. Our world is one community facing the same issues.

There are no limitations to what we can do and how far our reach. We are pioneering new solutions for old problems.

You might say we are the leaders of tomorrow, but we are also the leaders of today.


TEDxTeen 2010

So what? Says who? Who cares?

2010: We are a world of almost 7 billion people - over 2 billion are under the age of 20. We are growing at a rate of approximately 222,000 people per day. We are 6,900 living languages in 195 countries. Together we face global problems that seem overwhelming.